Persian Events

Appetizer Selections

Halim Bademjan
Traditional Persian recipe of beef eggplant & beans.

Kashke Bademjan
Sautéed eggplant with infusion mint and sour cream.

Grilled eggplant mixed with tomatoes, garlic & eggs.

Grapes leaves stuffed with herb, rice & vegetables.

Garbanzo beans & tahini mixed with a touch of olive oil.

Must o Khiar
Yogurt mixed with cucumber and herbs.

Chopped spinach, garlic mix together in yogurt.

Salad Shirazi
Chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, onion mixed with olive oil, lemon juice.

Salad Olivie (Potato Salad)
Chopped potato, chicken, eggs, peas, & pickles.

Mini Beef Cutlet
Sautéed lean ground beef mixed with potato, onion.

Koko Sabzi
Baked spinach, parsley, cilantro, chives, garlic & eggs.

All appetizers served with Persian flatbread

Entree Selections

Boneless Chicken Kabob
Delicious marinated & charbroiled boneless chicken breast.

Kabob Koobideh
Skewers of charbroiled seasoned ground beef.

Chenjeh Kabob
Chunks of marinated top sirloin & charbroiled on skewers.

Fresh leg of lamb or roasted top sirloin marinated with special seasoning.

Meat Rollet with Gravy (Persian Meatloaf)
Baked ground beef mixed with garlic, carrot, parsley.

Fried walnut & pomegranate sauce mixed with chicken.

Ghormeh Sabzi
Fresh greens herbs, sautéed & stewed with pinto beans, dried lime & chunks of beef.

Gheimeh Bademjan
Fried eggplant cooked in tomato sauce with split peas, onion & beef.

Baghali Polo
Basmati rice mixed with fresh dill weed & fava beans served with fresh seasoned lamb shank or chicken.

Shirin Polo
Orange peel, carrot, saffron, almond & pistachio in basmati rice.

Zereshk Polo with Chicken
Basmati rice with barberry & baked chicken.

All entrees come with a tossed green salad with dried cranberries, toasted almonds & herbed balsamic vinaigrette and fresh bread & butter.