Cold Lunch Combos

Your Perfect Lunch

Our wide selection of lunch combinations can be served on platters or boxed individually.  A small additional charge may apply if individually boxed.
(12 person minimum)

Sandwich & Wrap Buffet
24 person minimum
Assortment of two selections of sandwiches and wraps
Choice of two salads
Homemade cookies or brownies
$14.00 per person

Premier Buffet
Assorted deli sandwiches or deli tortilla wraps, served with individual bags of chips, choice of Caesar pasta salad or red potato salad with soda.
$11.99 per person

Gourmet Sampler
A selection of our most popular gourmet sandwiches or wraps served with potato chips, choice of side salad and homemade cookies.
$14.99 per person

Croissant Paradise
An assortment of French croissant sandwiches with Virginia ham, smoked turkey, tuna salad and roast beef, side of German Potato Salad.
$14.99 per person

Gourmet Lunch Boxes

Office Lunch Box
Choice of deli sandwich or wrap, choice of pasta salad or potato salad and cookie.
$11.99 per person (half sandwich)
$13.99 per person (whole sandwich)

School Lunch Box
An assortment of homemade sandwiches, cookie and a can of soda.
$10.99 per person (half sandwich)